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The Cabin Ludlow
The Cabin Ludlow The Cabin Ludlow

June news update


Well its summer solstice already…where has the year gone so far.  Life has been a bit hectic hence a lack of news to date.  So a quick resume of the year so far.  As for so many people the winter seemed longer and colder with a lot more snow than we have seen in recent years.  Even Sam and Katie tired of it!  The cows were calving during some of the cold weather, it just meant a few more hours for us to keep the snow and cold out as best we could and more feeding and defrosting water for the animals.  Lambing ended this year with our one Texel ewe having quads, all still going strong, though I am helping mum out by bottle feeding every day.  Although spring was late arriving everything seems to have caught up and the flowers seemed more beautiful and vibrant than ever.  I think it was having spells of just white with the snow, it makes you really appreciate the colour when it comes.  The sun a couple of mornings ago was spectacular when it came up shining across the valley, I have captured it best I can on film but I think I was a little rapid scanning around!  I love the peace of the morning before anyone else is up…just me and the bird song.

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