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The Cabin Ludlow
The Cabin Ludlow The Cabin Ludlow

Visitors book


We really hope you enjoy your stay with us, we love it here, but don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some of the comments from people that have already stayed in The Cabin.


“We have had a lovely week.  Thanks for providing a great base and such a welcome.  This is the best ‘stocked’ self catering accommodation we’ve ever staying in!  The cream tea and other treats were very much appreciated.  Thank you.”

18th – 25th May 2019 - Richard and Anne


“What about that Sam?  Full of surprises.  Did you see those fish?  Did he really catch them or was there a bit of Harry Potter magic involved?!  Why does Sam need the ‘new’ tractor anyway, he has a perfectly good broomstick. Ha ha.  What a pleasure to be back.  Nice crisp weather. Cabin spick and span.  New bench, very comfy.  Thanks to Mark I can now shave again! No flies not poor things, driven out into the ‘snow’.  Watching Mary-Jane last night I have to amend my spick and span remark, this cabin is more than that it is Mary-Jane’s labour of love, and Mum as well.  Beautiful, watch out for that Katie, budding karate expert and swimming champ. Ha ha.  Night time so quiet.  Silent clock, large hands, easy to read, twin of my own.  Played lots of games with Karate Katie.  Sam one of these days I might win a game!”

3rd to 12th May 2019 - Ron, Birmingham


“A lovely 2 night stay at Oaklands Farm.  Peace and quiet after a noisy day with 30 Birmingham children visiting Hayes Farm, Bewdley.  Such a well-equipped and comfortable place to stay – you have thought of everything we could possible need!  We loved sitting on the deck for a pre-dimmer drink, watching the cows and leaping lambs.  We had a fantastic day at Hampton Court Castle – amazing gardens, maze and our own personal tour of the house.  Love Hope Bagot church too!”

30th April to 1st May 2019 - Cathy, Barbara, and Linda, Ranton, Staffs


“What a find, Mary-Jane and Mark are lovely people.  The welcome was warm and friendly and The Cabin lacked for nothing.  Welcome treat of scones, jam and cream was lovely and the eggs were a nice treat also.  The Cabin was toasty and warm and the bed hard to get out of!  Couldn’t get a better setting and watching stars at night was absolutely beautiful.  The peace and quiet was unbeatable and watching the birds on the feeder was good entertainment.  We will definitely be back next year.”

20th to 27th April 2019 - Steve and Verne, Clayton-Le-Woods, Chorley, Lancs.


“Back again, hooray.  Sunday our friends arrive.  Take them sight-seeing around Ludlow.  Monday touring to Craven Arms, Ludlow food market, meal at Rose and Crown Ludlow then walk around Ludlow.  Up to Clee Hill, great views when clear, then to the east side viewing area towards Worcester and Birmingham. Tuesday visited the best carvery at Far Forest (The Plough) Good 3 course meal then onto Bewdley (quaint) but interesting.  Local museum not very appealing.  Don’t be put off, brilliant.  Wednesday Croft Castle.  Well worth the visit, nice long walks, house full of history to present day.  Lots of children school holidays.  Thursday Berrington Hall, another brilliant day.  Nice walks around the lake.  House and contents a must do.  Children friendly, run as they please.  Orchard very interesting especially the age of them.  Potting shed nice touch all the names and years of the head gardeners on plaques above the beams.  Friday another visit to Ludlow and market.  Very busy, parking a nightmare.  Very sunny and warm.  Came back to The Cabin to enjoy the peace and quiet of rural life. Saturday so sad to leave the retreat (back to reality) Once again thanks to our hosts, just brill xx”

13th -20th April 2019 - Reg and Clare Andrews, Basingstoke


“Damson jam, scones, better than ever.  Clean and bright (even with bad eyes), warm. Mary-Jane looking good with new haircut.  Katie, red riding hood with red ears.  Sam getting bigger every day.  Mark happy with his new calf.  New big clock, glowing in the dark, great.  Spring is coming.  Mary-Jane’s flowers are blooming, soon be damson time again.  Again big thank you to Katie (red ears), Sam (card shark), Mark, Mary-Jane and a really huge thank you to Mary-Jane’s mum.”

15th – 24th March 2019 - Ron, Birmingham


“Mary-Jane please thank Sam for the use of his room again, I know you wanted me to have the ‘posh’ room, but what’s good for Sam is OK by me. Thank you for the purple hot water bottle and thank you for the cream my head shines in the dark now.  Wild outside but in The Cabin all is snug and warm.  Clean, bright, damson jam, scones, who could ask for more. I ought to take my usual ‘ten mile run’ today, but its better in here.  Maybe tomorrow.  Mary-Jane and Katie have gone to the panto, ‘oh no they haven’t, oh yes they have!’ Once again thank you all. Ron”

24th November – 2nd December 2018 - Ron, Birmingham


“The Cabin is outstanding.  Complete home from home and is very cosy.  Everywhere was immaculate on arrival.  The complimentary homemade scones, jam and cream were delicious, a lovely touch.”

27th October – 3rd November 2018 - Perry Family, Weaverham, Cheshire


“Friday night, bad wind, really bad.  Not me that was indigestion the night before, ha ha.   This wind was blowing in from Hogwarts, Sam and Katie out in the orchards on broomsticks, Mum Mary-Jane, hanging onto them, Dad Mark chasing me with a giant paintbrush.  I ‘think’ I was dreaming, ha ha.  This place is a bit of a dream.  Always good weather, umm, well good or bad this place is the bee’s knees.  Spotless, faultless.  You could not wish for better.  Compact, not small, just right.  Log fire, great views, sunsets, comfy beds, a place to relax, leave the city behind.  Scones, damson jam, eggs.  Can’t beat it.  May this wonderful family keep letting me come here.”

12th – 19th October 2018 - Ron Clifton, Birmingham


“As I sit here in my comfy chair I am content.  From this window I see a dignified white haired lady climbing trees ‘scrumping’ apples (her own) ha ha. Last night a sunset to remember, captured for me by Bluetooth care of Sam and Mary-Jane.  I must teach them both a trick or two, ha ha.  Slept right through a smoke alarm (not mine).  The bed is so comfortable.  The whole place snug, clean, scones and the last of the damson jam.  Can’t wait to come again, even if Mark ropes me in to work on his shed, ha ha.  Maybe team Katie and Ron will beat team Sam and Mary-Jane picking blackberries, ha ha.  Sam and Katie off to school looking very smart.”

1st – 9th September 2018 - Ron Clifton, Birmingham


“6th visit, very sorry to have to leave for home today and back to the hustle and bustle of urban Basingstoke.  Many thanks to our hosts”

18th – 27th August 2018- The Andrews and Smith families, Basingstoke


“At last a little cooler.  Heat is very worrying on a farm.  They do say ‘farmers wives’ go mad when the temperature soars!  Woe is the guest who dares to complain, he, she, it can be fitted into a ‘mincer’…’cottage pie’ with that special sooty taste of Birmingham. Yum yum!!  Once again team of Katie and Ron beat Sam and Mary-Jane, no cheating, not much!!  A great week, perfect weather.  The Cabin spick and span as usual. Sones and damson jam (soon to be in short supply), eggs, butter.  Bed so comfortable that I slept through every night.  Reluctant to go back.  Roll on my next stay.  Thank you Mary-Jane, Mark, Sam, Katie and Lily the cat.”

28th July – 5th August 2018- Ron Clifton, Birmingham


“To be addicted to this place feels wonderful. We enjoyed summer at its most, hot days and cool nights, relaxed a lot on the terrace, did a trip to Llangollen, toured in Wales and indeed discovered “new” walks within old Ludlow and nearby the Cabin. Hard to believe it’s over but we for sure are looking forward to our next stay hopefully not before too long. Thanks for taking care of it so well.”

17th – 27th July 2018 - Daniel & Carina Zueger, Switzerland


‘Very well equipped and clean cabin.  We have enjoyed our stay here.  Beautiful views, sunny weather and Mark and Mary-Jane friendly and helpful.  Mary-Jane’s scones and jam were delicious.  Enjoyed looking around the farm with Mark – thank you for your patience when you have a lot to do.’

30th June – 7th July 2018 - Joe and Margaret, Stone, Staffordshire


‘Like last year, we had a lovely time here.  A warm and friendly welcome, a very comfortable and clean cabin and wonderful views to enjoy.  We had lovely sunny weather, so every morning we could enjoy the views when we were sitting on the bench outside.  A real treat!  Thank you Mary-Jane and Mark for your hospitality.  For us it has been a little oasis here.’

16th – 30th June 2018 - Eric & Anneke Benda, The Netherlands


‘I feel that I should have something to complain about, how can I?  What about the new slide? Mark got that for us to play on.  Mary-Jane’s gardens are looking good.  The Cabin is as spick and span as usual.  New stove to burn my quiche is very good.  Scones, damson jam, thanks for everything.  I can’t think of a better place to spend time or nicer people to be with.  Must go Mark and Mary-Jane are both trying to get on the slide together! Ha ha.  See you all soon.  Slept very well, bed just right. Ron, trainee herdsman ha ha!’

3rd – 10th June 2018- Ron Clifton, Birmingham


‘Just brilliant again.  Have spent another very enjoyable week at our second home (soon to become our first home!!)  Many thanks Mary-Jane, Mark, Sam and Katie brilliant hospitality again.  Well done, plenty of fun with the children, soon England call up for cricket!’

26th May – 2nd June 2018 - The Andrews and Smith families, Basingstoke


‘Got here again, even though they dug up the roads to stop me. The weather (so far) is great.  I believe two maidens were sacrificed under a full moon.  Flowers blooming, grass growing.  This cabin, the farm, Mark, Mary-Jane, Sam (the cookie expert) and Katie, all great.  Bedroom cool, bed even more comfortable, clean, snug.  This morning the cabin surrounded by Mary-Jane’s flowers shining in the sun, a vision. Perfect hosts.  Always a pleasure to be here’.

4th to 12th May 2018 - Ron Clifton, Birmingham


"Lovely, homely, perfect Cabin.  Beautiful views, loved the animals and birds, very nice welcome and friendly family.  Enjoyed our short break so much, will recommend this lovely place.  What a wonderful sight to see the birth of the fourth lamb to one brave ewe, thank you for letting us share a lovely moment.  Thank you Dawn and Graham."

27th April – 3rd May 2018 Graham & Dawn Hewitt, Burntwood, Nr, Lichfield

"Had a wonderful stay here.  Mary-Jane was most welcoming and could not have been more helpful.  The Cabin was brilliant, and really comfortable.  The views were stunning.  The wildlife spectacular and the sheep and cows were wonderful – kept us entertained!  Thank you so much for our short stay – one of our most memorable".

26th to 28th April 2018 Liz, Kent

"Here at last. No snow, and only got lost once.  Is there something in the water that picks me up?  Greeted by Mary-Jane’s mum.  Feel very welcome as usual.  Bed very comfortable, warm duvet, new mat in bathroom.  Scones, butter jam, cake, apple crumble, eggs, log fire. Spotlessly clean.  Ate well, only one quiche.  Will soon be as fat as Traveller, the evil one.  Can’t wait to come again.  Ate strange cabbage.  Sam’s ginger ‘man’ sponge.  See you all again in May.  Ron".

6th  - 13th April 2018 Ron Clifton, Harborne, Birmingham


“Another excellent week at The Cabin.  Thank you Mark and Mary-Jane for your hospitality.  Unbelievable alpine views when everything was covered in snow after Boxing day.  A warm welcome also from Pete and Di at The Bennetts End Inn (recommended).  Too much to do, the week went too quickly, we will love to come back…again!”

22nd -29th December 2017 John & Amber Wilkin, Kent

“Snowed in! Oh woe is me, I must rough it, with log fire, damson jelly, scones, oh what an ordeal to be trapped in this perfect place! (800ft up a mountain Mark says hope I don’t roll off the edge!)  Sam and Katie have been breaking speed records sledging, Mary-Jane helping them build a snowman.  Where does she get her energy from?  Family, cows, sheep, a Cabin spick and span, every need catered for.  Who would want to be anywhere else.”

8th – 13th December 2017 Ron Clifton, Harbourne, Birmingham

“New hardwood table and chairs.  Lovely big, soft winter duvet.  A new light in the passage.  Who turns it on? Is there an invisible man living in the lamp? Ha ha.  Very comfortable big new bed.  Log fire. Lovely cake with butter, scones with butter, damson jelly jam and eggs.  Mary-Jane keeps the Cabin spotless and bright.  Every need anticipated, down to the smallest item.  My chair where I like it.  And Mark painting his cows blue.  Mary-Jane’s cake was perfect, she must have had lessons off Sam and Katie. Ha ha.  I have to say this, Mary-Jane and her family make me feel truly welcome.”

18th – 25th November 2017 Ron Clifton, Harbourne, Birmingham

“Amazing place to stay, lots of things to see and do.  Mary-Jane was very friendly on arrival.  My children enjoyed playing with Katie.  Hoping to come again soon as we still have lots to explore and many more photo opportunities for my son.  Thank you for making our mini break a fantastic one. * * * * *”

27th – 30th October 2017 Shantelle, Harmony, Jenson, Alfie & Edward Button, Brenzett, Kent

“We wish we could have stayed longer!  Everything has been of a high quality, including the damson jam and freshly baked scones, which made us feel very welcome.  Thank you!  The children have loved it all, as have we.  See you again, we hope.”

13th – 15th October 2017 Rob, Judith, Luke & Julia Blackwood, Crosby, Liverpool

“Very highly recommended.  A lovely second visit.  Delightful to be back.  Just as we remembered everything.  Mary-Jane, Mark, Sam and Katie are a very warm and friendly family.  Thanks for everything and hope to return next year.”

23rd-30th September 2017 Liz & Vic Bates, Higham Ferrers, Northants


“Warm cakes, butter, damson jelly mmm, and mysterious green jam (greengage) that was very nice.  As was everything else.  Spick and span, eggs, milk, blue cows, a fat cat called Lily just right for the oven!  Comfortable new bed, bigger, higher, guaranteed snooze of a bed, I didn’t want to get up.  I may not next time.  A week in bed lovely! And to top off a great week a ‘Sam Special’, a cake with chocolate and good things, ‘Sam the chef’, Mary-Jane and Mark are thoughtful and attentive hosts.  The best.  Can’t wait to come again to see Lily, Sam, Katie, Mary-Jane and Mark.  Thanks again, Ron.”

9th – 17th September 2017 Ron Clifton, Birmingham

"We have really felt at home here.  You have thought of everything to make a most comfortable cabin!"

2-9th September 2017 Susan Johnston (Barcelona, Spain), Judy & Les Simmonds (Harpenden, Herts)

Reg:  “Last day at our second home!  Had a lazy Sunday afternoon!  Once again to our hosts many thanks for your special touches as always.  Best regards to you all.”

Lisa: “Another fantastic week and a bit at this lovely retreat from our crazy, busy lives!  We can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful stay and so lovely this time to see the farm and learn about it’s history and it’s importance to your family.  Aaron had the time of his life playing with the most thoughtful, caring and kind children I know – a credit to you.  5 star holiday.  Love to all – Ian, Lisa & Arron.”

19th – 27th August 2017 Reg & Clare Andrews with Ian, Lisa and Arron Smith, Basingstoke

“Thank you for a lovely 4 nights.  The children loved The Cabin and all the wildlife.  Spotted two woodpeckers too!  So comfortable and clean and everything we needed.  Great weather.  Thanks for the lovely scones, fresh eggs and a lovely welcome.  Visited Blists Hill and Tenbury Park, was excellent.  Thanks!”

16th – 20th July 2017 Caroline Toms, Lucy, Ben & Maisie


“How to say thank you again?  Spick and span as usual.  All mod-cons.  Thank you to Mark for changing my wheel.  That was beyond the expected damson jelly(!), scones, milk and eggs.  Mary-Jane always there when needed.  Thanks again, Ron.  P.S. Weather terrible on Saturday but Mark sacrificed a ‘blue’ cow at midnight, result, sunshine!"

19th – 26th May 2017 Ron Clifton, Birmingham


“Excellent accommodation!  We had a lovely time here!  We had a warm welcome with lovely scones.  We felt very comfortable in this cabin, which is so well equipped.  Thank you very much Mark and Mary-Jane, you’ve been wonderful hosts!!”

29th April – 13th May 2017 Eric & Anneke Benda, The Netherlands


“We are back for another week to sample more delights in this area, on our own!!  Once again many thanks to our hosts usual homely touches, had great fun watching your farm animals while having breakfast, have to wait another 12 weeks til we come back for the summer.”

8th – 17th April 2017 Reg & Clare Andrews, Basingstoke


“Thank you for the trouble you take over the ‘small’ things.  Every comment in this book I heartily agree with.  Thank you again for everything."

24th – 31st March 2017 Ron Clifton, Birmingham


“Where to start?  Everything just right.  Look forward to coming again."

11-14th November 2016 Ron Clifton, Birmingham


"A very restful week.  Thank you for the warm welcome.  A most lovely cabin, everything we need.  The weather has been kind.  We like Shropshire, hope to come again."

8th – 15th October 2016 Jenny, Dave and Dave Beedell, Willand, Devon

"Highly recommended.  Very comfortable and clean cabin.  Lovely views.  Even the weather has been kind to us.  Thanks for everything.  Look forward to returning."

1st – 8th October 2016 Liz and Vic Bates, Higham Ferrers, Northants

"Many thanks to the Shakespeare Family for making our homestay absolutely amazing. As last year, we were overwhelmed by the kindness of our hosts, the charming cabin, breakfast with fresh eggs, the surrounding nature (not to forget birdy Robin closely watching us) and all the other excitements we experienced during our 2 weeks such as the antique and book market in Ludlow, the Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway, walks on the Stiperstones and in the Carding Mill Valley near Church Stretton, the Judge’s Lodge representing genuine 19th century life style (to worse and the better) and – last but not least – sitting in the sun on the porch, relaxing and/or reading and sipping Rosé. A wonderful vacation we truly like to remember."

17th – 30th September 2016:  Daniel & Carina Zueger, Switzerland

"Back again, this time with friends Shelia and Peter.  As last year beautifully clean, stunning views, peaceful and hosts friendly and helpful.  Shelia commented that the accommodation far surpassed what she expected, and it was a pleasure meeting Mary-Jane and Mark.  A wonderful holiday.  We will be back!  Thank you Mark and Mary-Jane."

7th to 14th September 2016 Carol and Phil Rotherforth, Barnsley, South Yorkshire & Shelia and Peter Manley, Rhyl, North Wales

"A fleeting one night stay but a joy all the same – fine scones, views …wow!  Many thanks. 10/10!"

3rd and 4th September 2016 Stuart, Tessa and Henry Hodgkinson, Derbyshire


"Have come back in the summer period to sample more delights in the area.  Mark, Mary-Jane, Sam and Katie wonderful hospitality.  Well done, thanks Reg.

Well we said we’d come back and we certainly weren’t disappointed!!  Still as nice and peaceful (until Aaron turned up!) as we remember.  Cabin just as comfortable and spotlessly clean as before.  Fantastic family holiday – we really enjoyed playing in the garden with Sam and Katie – especially Grandad ‘the biggest kid of all!’  Aaron certainly made himself well at home with all the extra touches you left for him, he’ll really miss waking up to the sheep outside his window.  A lovely time, in a fabulous place, owned by a truly lovely family.  Many thanks again. Lisa, Ian and Aaron xxx"

13th – 22ndth August 2016 Reg and Clare Andrews, Ian, Lisa and Aaron Smith, Basingstoke


"We enjoyed our stay at The Cabin, it had everything we needed and is in an ideal area for the attractions we wanted to visit.  If you like gardens and want to visit one which is a bit different from the normal, we would recommend a visit to Ralph Court Gardens, which also has a very nice tea room.  Stokesay Castle is also worth a visit on a nice day, and also has a nice, small tea room and English Heritage shop.  We also visited the Severn Valley Railway, which is a good day out, and Blists Hill Victorian town is also worth a visit.  Thank you Mary-Jane and Mark for making us feel very welcome.  PS The jam and scones were very nice!"

18-25th June 2016 -Margaret, Elizabeth and Richard Cooper, North East, Redcar


“I, (Rosemary) grew up in this area, and we came back to visit ‘old haunts’.  It has been a wonderful week – we love the cabin – very comfortable and everyone very welcoming, even the weather was good.  A big thank you for Mary-Jane and Mark for your friendly welcome, also to Sam and Katie in your friendship, gathering sheep’s wool for me, for offering me a go on your trampoline!!  Sorry I had to decline, but I admire your skill Katie!  We would love to return sometime!”

May 21st to 28th 2016 Jim and Rosemary Alford, North Yorkshire

"We have had a wonderful time and this is a great house to stay in.  The scones, homemade jam and free range eggs were welcome and delicious.  The Cabin is well appointed – the best we have stayed in and spotlessly clean.  There is so much to do in this area we would have to return.  Thank you also for your friendly welcome.  We could spend a long time here just looking at the views and listening to the bird song echoing around the valley."

14-21st May 2016, Tom, Barbara & Ben Magill, 66 Nasmyth Avenue, Bearsden, Glasgow


“Very peaceful and restful week.  Most enjoyable.  Thank you both for your hospitality.  Lovely tasty scones.  Cabin most comfortable and very clean.”

April 10 – 17th 2016, Thelma and Elaine Williams, Cheshire


'Thank you so much Mark and Mary-Jane.  My three week stay between selling my house and buying another property proved to be a most joyful time, instead of a worrying one.  The log cabin was so light, airy and welcoming, with absolutely everything I needed, the views of the surrounding countryside therapeutic and the log burning fire added the ultimate perfection.'

February 26th to March 18th 2016, Joan Bowker


‘Perfect cabin – we would like to live here!  Wonderful welcome from Mark and Mary-Jane with extra Christmas goodies!  Not enough time to enjoy all the things we would like to do.  Thank you – we will be back!’

22nd to 29th December 2015 John Wilkin & Amber Dawkins


‘Everything was perfect.  The Cabin was so clean and welcoming.  We had everything we needed and even some things we didn’t know we needed but were lovely finishing touches such as books, maps, welcome pack and flowers.  We will definitely be back 2016.  We can’t wait.  Thank you for looking after us so well.’

6th- 9th Nov 2015 Chris & John Gorham, Botley, Southampton

‘Another lovely break in your perfect log cabin.  We love the wood burner!’

6th – 9th Nov 2015 Bev Ring and Adam Bridge, Locks Heath, Southampton

‘We have enjoyed our stay it’s a shame to leave back to reality!!’

‘Wonderful stay – home from home!  So well equipped, everything taken care of, including extra touches for our 3 year old.  See you next summer!!’

24th – 31st October 2015 Reg & Clare Andrews with Ian, Lisa & Aaron, Basingstoke, Hants


'The Cabin is beautiful, as are the views.  And so were your flapjacks!  Thank you so much, I’m sure we will be back.'

3rd October 2015.  Daniel, Jodie, Jack and Jesse Wells, Sleaford, Lincolnshire.

'Excellent in all respects.  Well-equipped Cabin, friendly and supportive hosts and last but not least, a beautiful landscape.  All very relaxing.'

1st-11th September 2015.  Daniel and Carina Zűger, Switzerland.

'The Cabin is home from home, very comfortable, well equipped and with great views in every direction.  Surrounding area planted out with lovely variety of shrubs and flowers, many attract wildlife, which it did in abundance.  Very peaceful.  We loved it.  Mary-Jane and Mark you are wonderful hosts providing us with a catalogue of memories we shall not forget.  You are definitely at the top of our “Break to do again” list.  Once again many thanks for your kindness.'

3rd July 2015.   Bernie and Judith Hayes, Southport, Merseyside.

‘A relaxed and peaceful week.  A warm welcome. Cabin perfect.’

 20-27th June, Lynsey & Audrey Haycock, Christchurch, Dorset

‘The Cabin is perfect.  We were thinking of it as ‘home’ from day 1.  Thank you.’

13th – 20th June, Bev Ring & Adam Bridge, Locks Heath, Southampton

“The Cabin a haven after the excitement and noise of my son’s wedding at Mahorall Cider Farm in Nash.  Could not have asked for more: delightful, supportive hosts, comfortable, attractive, well equipped ‘home from home’, beautiful views and I even had the sun!  I hope to find time to return.  Thank you Mary-Jane and Mark.”

5-10th June - Kathyrn Bower, Snaith, East Yorkshire

“Such a quiet and peaceful part of the country and nature all around, not a bit like Barnsley!  Loved the way the squirrel sat in the bird feeder tray.  Thank you to Mary-Jane and Mark for providing this haven.”

23rd May 2015 - Carol & Phil Rotherforth, Barnsley, Yorkshire. 

"Fantastic cabin, awesome views and wonderful hosts".

April 2015, David, Sally, Freya & Poppy Legg, St Albans, Hertfordshire

“Very warm welcome, cosy and very well equipped.  Wonderful views and peaceful location – Perfect!  Many thanks to Mark, Mary-Jane and family”.

Oct 24th 2014, Mr & Mrs Gibney, Lenwade, Norfolk

“We had a wonderful time, enjoyed the walks, we felt at home, the house was lovely”. 

Oct 30th 2014, Henk Wassink and Tilly Wassink-van-Wyk,   Linschoten, Nederland 

& Mari Keet en Edeltraud, Keet Rheinlander,   Menden, Germany