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The Cabin Ludlow
The Cabin Ludlow The Cabin Ludlow

The Wood, it’s a Humming!

After an afternoon working in the garden Sam, Katie and I walked up to see how Mark was getting on with fencing up the field into our small woodland.  What a wonderful delight we found for our senses.  The wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is glorious at the moment, carpeting several areas.  Sam and Katie were not keen on the smell or the idea of eating the leaves in a salad.  Although the leaves can be eaten raw, boiled as a green vegetable or used in soups and pestos.  I may try to sneak some in, but I think I will tell them all after the meal!  A truly wonderful sight.  Garlic has many great virtues, we find it is a good fly deterrent for the cattle too, when they have eaten it, although their breath can be a little pungent!  Anyway, a real lift of the spirits from the ‘hum’ of both the garlic and the bees, both bringing such benefits to our health and well being.  A bit late for the bluebells now, but I did spot one brave plant!  There is always something to see, we just need to take the time to look, come see for yourself!

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