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The Cabin Ludlow
The Cabin Ludlow The Cabin Ludlow

Nature’s Surprises!

It is quite often when doing the mundane chores that nature seems to lift the spirits with a beautiful and unexpected surprise.  We have been blessed here at The Cabin with several just recently.  With the beautiful sunny days of late we have enjoyed many a misty morning, I have a snap shot of one, but they are always so much better ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.


Misty September morning

Whilst cleaning the windows of the Cabin last week a beautiful dragonfly enjoyed the sun on the decking with me!


We were having lunch when we spotted this cheeky squirrel helping himself to the bird food, the cats were having an afternoon nap and missed the invasion. 

  Squirrel Triple yolk

Last but not least a regular egg customer had a bit of a double whammy…  When cracking eggs to go with a fry up was pleasantly surprised to find a ‘double yolker’ but it got better!  This was promptly followed by a ‘triple yolker’ so that fry up turned out to be egg-xtra special, sorry couldn’t help that.  (Thanks to Annie for sharing her eggy photo!)  Here’s looking forward to the surprises that come in October!

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