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The Cabin Ludlow
The Cabin Ludlow The Cabin Ludlow

Love is in the air!

It’s not quite Valentine’s Day but the birds are starting to get paired up and are looking for love.  Tuesday lunchtime we enjoyed a magnificent display from 4 buzzards over the house and Cabin.  We have for some time had a pair of buzzards living up in the wood behind us, but it seems the population is growing up there.  I tried my best to get some good shots to share with you all, but a combination of speedy buzzards and a slow camera left me with some nice shots, but a little frustrated that they could have been better.

I also managed to get a couple of shots of a nuthatch on the handrail to the Cabin, a blackbird by the wood pile and a pheasant looking glorious on the rail by the house bird feeder.  I hope you enjoy them and I will keep persevering to get that perfect picture of the buzzards…Mark says I am getting a little obsessed now!

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